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Providing professional development and local networking opportunities to enhance medical practice management in the North Georgia area since 1985!
North Georgia MGMA
Providing professional development & local networking to enhance medical management since 1986!
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NGMGMA Presents "It's Time To Change Your Privacy and Security Mindset"

Donna Grindle, Founder & CEO

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Discover the critical role of privacy and security in healthcare by exploring the
far-reaching impacts of incidents on patient care, safety, and your business.

Learn how to adapt your organization to the rapidly evolving threat landscape and stay ahead of regulatory requirements, ensuring the protection and wellbeing of your patients, staff, and organization.

Join us for an insightful (and entertaining) presentation that will empower you to transform your approach to privacy and security, positioning your practice for success in an increasingly complex digital age.

   June 8, 2023
      11:30am to 1pm
        Dalton Golf and Country Club
           333 Country Club Way
        Dalton, GA 30721

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